"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It was a paper bag day

If you haven't yet read this post.....please do so now. You'll laugh your fool head off, and then you'll go get yourself some paper bags.

Which leads me to my paper bag experience today.  Cam got off the bus. When he gets home from school, if he doesn't have any homework, I will let him play the I-pad.

This morning though, before he got on the bus, I told him if he didn't turn in his papers to his teacher today (he had forgotten for 2 days), he could not play the I-pad this afternoon.

Well, he didn't turn in his papers. Hence, no I-pad time for Cam.

This does not go over well. At all.

We get in the van to go pick up Emmitt from daycare.  I'm firmly, but nicely, telling Cam why he can't have I-pad time. He is getting more and more upset as we drive.  By the time we pull in Amanda's driveway, Cam is bawling upset. 

"I wannnnnnnt the the the I-pad. Waaaaaaa."

I leave him in the car, crying, while I run in and get Emmitt.  I was gone probably 10 minutes.

We get back to the van, and he is crying even harder.

"Why can't I pppplay the I-pad? Waaaawaaaaa."

"I told you Cameron. You did not do what Mommy told you to do this morning, and in order for you to learn your lesson, you need to suffer consequences and get punished. That's why you can't play the I-pad." 

Cam: "BAAaaWaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Insert Emmitt:" Mom, can I have a piece of gum?"

Myself: "No, Emmitt."

Emmitt: "Why not??" (winey voice)

Myself: "Because Emmitt. Every time we get in the van, you ask for a piece of gum. Then we get home, and you want a snack, so you have chewed your gum for maybe all of 10 minutes. That's a waste of a piece of gum."

Emmitt: pause........"So I have to chew my gum forever?"

Cameron: "Waaaaaaabaaaaaa.....I want the I-pad waaaaaaaa."

Myself: "No Emmitt, you can't chew gum forever, but you should really chew it more than 10 minutes."

Cameron: "Waaaaaa, I wish we could go to school right now so I could turn in my papers.....baaaaaaa."

Myself: "No Cam. (I'm trying to have a gentle tone here) You were at school all day and didn't turn in those papers. Why would I drive all the way back to school now, when you should have done it like I told you? Plus, your teacher is gone for the day and school is over."

Cameron: "Well, well, we can just lay them on her desk! Waaaaaaaaa."

Emmitt: "Oh, that is so annoying!"

Cameron hits Emmitt.

Cameron: "Why can't you drive me to school Mom? Then I can turn them in and play the I-pad."

(He's not getting this)

Myself: "No Cam, then you wouldn't have learned your lesson. You have to learn to be more responsible, and do what Mommy tells you to do."

Cameron: "This is so unfair! Waaaaaaaa.......pause......I'll turn them in tomorrow Mom?"

Myself: "Yes, that would be good. And if you don't, you won't play the I-pad tomorrow either."

Cameron: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

Emmitt: "Ugh, that is so annoying."

I'm dying for a paper bag at this point, but I'm driving. Probably not too safe?

We are home by this time now. Cameron is still crying.  Emmitt is still taunting him. 

Cameron takes his coat off and I notice that his shirt is on backwards.  Wouldn't really matter if there wasn't a giant GAP logo on his back. 

How did I miss that this morning? 

I guess he wore his shirt backwards the whole day. 

I'm getting my paper bag out right now.

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