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Isaiah 30:21

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update on Luka

Here is an update on Luka.....keep praying!!

You can follow their blog for updates also.....

They've stopped the dialysis machine because it wasn't working as well as the doctor hoped it would. So, for now, they are doing dialysis manually, which works better in situations like this. They are hoping to be able to use the machine again soon. The following information was very discouraging to Josh and Mandy as parents, but the doctor was not discouraged and said it is all just a part of HUS:
--Luka has developed a low-grade fever which the doctor said is very common in kids with 8 tubes coming out of them, so he is on a high-dose antibiotic to combat that
--his oxygen levels are dropping so he is on oxygen some of the time, but the doctors do not want him to become dependent on it, so he's on it until his levels reach about 95 or so, then they take it off until the level drops to around 85 and then they put it back on etc...
--his kidneys are now swollen and have completely shut down; they had been working at about 7%, after 12 hours of dialysis had gone to 8%, but now are at 0% (again the doctor said this is just all a part of HUS)
--he is on morphine, but they are trying to wean him off this so he doesn't become addicted to this either (this along with a huge lack of sleep and everything else he's been through in the last week has made him very tired, so he sleeps a lot, but at least then he's not fighting the tubes etc...)
--the doctor did say that although it doesn't seem like it, it does appear that Luka has stabilized, even though it seems to be at a low point!
Josh and Mandy are able to rent a hospital room just down the hall from Luka, so that is where they are staying. The doctors and nurses, they said, are VERY tender, patient, willing to answer questions, never in a hurry etc...so they are very pleased with the care Luka is getting. Josh and Mandy have also been in contact with International Teams and their insurance company about how to file paperwork, what paperwork to file, what will be covered etc...Also, Mandy's mom is flying to Uganda on Saturday to spend some time with Lydia and Grace and Rebeka and Ryan (my sister and brother-in-law), through some major divine intervention, were able to get passports within 24 hours and are flying to Kenya on Sunday for 10 days to give Josh and Mandy (and Luka too) some much needed support, hugs, and distraction (Josh said as crazy as it sounds, the days are actually quite boring because they don't ever leave Luka's room).
That is all we know for now. Again, thank you all so much for your prayers. The prayers of righteous people are powerful and effective, this we know!

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Kristin said...

Praying for this precious boy and his family. Thank you for allowing us to join in prayer!

I LOVE the pics of your kids too...seriously so adorable! They are so much fun and I know that yours are a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend!