"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally....a MONTH after the fact......


*The following post is rediculously full of pictures*

I'm finally getting around to posting Christmas pictures...I know! TERRIBLE!

Olivia, and her cousins Madelyn & Audrey

My niece Keagan - what a diva!

My brother Matt and his son Urijah :) Love him to fricken pieces!

Mattt, his wife Tawnya and baby Rijah :)

My brother Drew and Cam - they are buds.

ZINGER Party....

Ow owwwww! Auntie Carol got some holiday panties!! lol

Peace out-

Ah, one of my Mom's many faces at Christmas.
Oliv sporting her new shades :)

Cam with his lizards!

And Emmitt with his! :)

U. Ron, U. Larry and Dad

Emmitt with his new chalk board/magnet toy - he loves it!

No I don't dress my kids weird....this is Emmitt's blankie tied around him...he wanted to be SuperMan!

Little Miss Myra - she's all excited about her new bear :o)

The Zinger ladies

Aunt Nancy and my Momma

EBELS Party....

Olivia got a new bracelet

Cam got a new buck hat, haha - he loves it!

And here's Em's new hat....he put it on backwards though. Er, upside-down maybe?? I don't know??!!

Emmitt stole some little girl's babydoll and was trying to put her to sleep :)

Ni-night baby.....

My Immediate family Party.....

The 4 boys in their new PJ's from G&G Ebels

Emmitt, Cam holding Urijah, and Elijah
Emmitt was ticked - he wanted to hold Urijah.

Emmitt and Urijah in their duds :) Love em!
That's better, says Em :)

Olivia, Maddie and Audrey in their new PJ's from G&G!!

We LOVE Aeropastle!

Aunt Sue lovin on baby Uri

We have a tradition in my family. Every Christmas, each of us kids have a ball taking pictures of our mom opening her gifts. Her facial expressions are to die for.
Yeah, I know. We're kind of a big deal.
She's totally like a kid at Christmas.
So here we go....some of my mom's great moments this year:

(darn blurry pictures)

She got a new mother's ring...

Tickets to TSO!! WAHOO!
Papa and Emmitt havin fun with a box!

Maggie, Keagan and Mabel with their matching doll dresses :)

A new Lay-z-boy for Dad!! He doesn't love it or anything.

Eric got a new gun case.
Emmitt watching Rastis eat - haha

Oh baby - New York Strip!

This was our Christmas present from my parents - love it!

Olivia in her new pj's and new blanket!

My new Columbia coat from my parents. Holla!
Super corny picture of me. Look at the cute coat. Not my face.
Tawn, Me, Sue and Melissa sporting our new jackets - so trendy. I can hardly stand how cute we are.

(Their better side)
The boyeez in their new huntin coats....
Uh huh, oh yeah.

Emmitt bein silly :)

Oliv LOVES her new pj's!

Papa and Uri :)

Emmitt with his new blanket!

And his new remote control fire truck!

Awe - Uri likes his new blanket!!

New pj's for the boys

The Yount family buried under presents. Can you see Eli's black head?? lol

Haha, I love this picture.

Luke 2 - the true meaning of Christmas.

I loved listening to Oliv read it :)

We always have breakfast for lunch on Christmas day.

My dad makes his homeade buckwheat pancakes - oh.my.word. They are so good.

My sweet sweet Grandma Zinger - love her to pieces.

BAAS Family Christmas.....

All the Baas grandkids bein silly.....

...apparently Emmitt didn't get the memo....

Lindsey and Olivia :)

Emmitt & Henry
A nice picture :)

Daddy helpin Emmitt open

Oliv's new scarf and hat set - so cute!
Cam's new Nerf gun. Yes, these are flying all over the house now.
Emmitt's new dump truck!

Baby Frankie :o)

Acting out the Christmas story...

The 3 Wise Men....

Mary, Joseph and the donkey

Lucas and Cam - Trouble!!
Our Family Christmas.....
Olivia picked this out and bought it with her own money. I collect Willow Tree. This was a Mother/Daughter plaque.
Yes, I cried.
A lot.
Eric's new GPS!

Olivia's new sweater and cami - super cute!

Emmitt's new dinosaur! It roars and stomps and walks - so fun!

Cam's new remote control car - dangerous!


Kasey Hunt said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a ton of fun!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow that was a post full of pictures, but super cute and fun pictures. YOur family looks like a blast and your mother's expressions are priceless. I love it!
Great group shots too. Love your new coat.