"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is my most favorite family tradition!!!

Picking out our Christmas tree!

Eric and I, in our recent devotions, have talked about traditions and how important they are.  We have several we love to do, this one being a favorite.  I have so many from
my childhood that I remember and have now passed on to our family.

Anyhow....on to tree hunting.......

We found it!

C'mon kids....put your back into it.

A little time for smoochy! 

Love my little fam.
It doesn't look cold, but it WAS! 

Emmitt getting a fun ride on Uncle Drew's shoulders :) 

Daddy and Cam getting the lights on the tree. 

Momma usually has to help Emmitt.
Otherwise all the ornaments would be in the same spot on the tree. Yeah. 

My 3 gifts!
Oh Emmitt. 

My blessing of a husband. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Calling my prayer warriors....

Hi friends.

I'm writing to ask for prayers for my very dear friend, Chris. We were roommates in college and are still very close.  She is 32.5 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child, a little son, and has just been put on bedrest because she is going into pre-term labor.  As us moms can imagine, having 2 other children at home and being on bedrest is not easy. 

Please pray for patience for Chris, for her to be able to keep her feet up and rest.
Pray for her daughters Peyton and Addison, as mommy won't be able to do as much for them.
Pray for Chris' husband, Kevin - that he will also have patience and the strength to be mommy and daddy for the time being.
Pray for baby boy, that if he is born early, he will be healthy and well.
Pray that the contractions will stop, and that labor can be prevented for at least another month.

Through this all, we know that God is in control. All praise and honor and glory to Him.

Thanks friends~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm here. Really.

Holy Moly. Has it really been May since I posted?  It can't be.

Where in tarnation does the time go?

I know, I know. You don't want to hear that I've been busy. Well, it's true! 

So many things......

We are alive and fine though, I promise. 

Part of the reason I haven't posted is because my computer won't let me upload any pictures - stink!  I must get that fixed.

Olivia's playing soccer, and her Daddy's coach :) It's fun! (Although I'm secretly hoping that tonight's game is cancelled because it's 50 and raining, BOO).  She also just started playing the flute, and is immensely enjoying 5th grade!

Cameron started Kindergarten. WHAT?! 
I know, crazy. I can't believe it either. He's loving it, alot alot. 

Emmitt is still home with Momma 2 days, and goes to miss Amanda's the other 3. We love Miss Amanda....she's the greatest.
We are going through potty-training right now - it stinks. Literally.

Our kids bring us much joy.

Eric is staying very busy in the construction business. He has a bid on a very large project right now that will keep them busy all winter. Please join me in prayer that the Lord has this in mind for us! Thanks.

I'm doing fine. Just, you know, playing taxi-driver, cook, cleaner, referee, teacher, etc....
You Mom's know what I'm talkin 'bout? Right?

I've got some great recipes I need to share for my Random Recipes posts too!  Mmmm~

Take care all!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Life = Craziness

I am so bad.

I cannot believe it's been this long since I've posted.

Seriously, my life = craziness right now.

Here's all the things I've been up to the past month:

-Weekend college get-a-way with my best roomies.
-Getting our new little pigs for the 4-H show in August! (pics to come)
-Getting our new little baby chicks - yay for fresh eggs!
-Cam's 5th birthday!
-Many church activities.
-Girls On The Run, and piano lessons for Olivia.
-Our annual 9 family garage sale! What a blast! (pics to come on that too!)
-Spending lots of time looking for a new camper.
-Working out in the yard.

So yeah. This is why I haven't posted lately. Sorry!

But this is my life, and I love it.

Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Hope to get some new posts up soon!

Friday, April 16, 2010

E4 Mini Reunion

These are some of my college besties.....
This past weekend, I was able to get away for 3 days with 3 of my college roommates. We had 2 other roommates in our apartment, but they couldn't make it. We sure missed them!

My twin sister's mother-in-law has a little guest house on her property. It's actually called a Stabbur. This is where we stayed all weekend.
A Stabbur is a traditional Norwegian building that was typically used to store food.

Obviously, they did not build it to store food :) They built it as a little guest house to have groups come and stay, and enjoy a little authentic Norwegian decor and coziness.
And boy, did we. This place is amazing. Beautifully decorated and every woman's dream house!
We laughed, cried, reminisced,and made new memories here last weekend. It truly was a special time that I will remember and cherish forever. I thank God for bringing us together so many years ago at Dordt College in Iowa. And I love the fact that we can pick right up where we left off, even if it's been years since we've seen eachother.
Here's some photos from our wonderful weekend together.

This is what a Stabbur looks like - isn't it beautiful?!
We made hairbows for over 5 hours one night. It was so fun! These are some of the ones I made - I was so impressed with myself. I am normally not a crafty person AT ALL!

This is Tina. She was my roommate for 1 year at Dordt. She's flippin hilarious, and is always good for a laugh. She had me rolling on the floor all weekend. I love her spirit, and her humor. She is also an amazing mother to 3 beautiful kids. She lives in Michigan also - which is so nice for quick get-togethers! I have so many great memories with her! Love her lots!
This is Rachel. She was my roommate for 2 years at Dordt. We both stood up in eachother's weddings. She has 4 children and is a stay at home mom. She is also an amazing mother. I love this girl, and her sweet disposition. She'd do anything for anybody. We have awesome memories together that I will cherish forever. Love her lots!
This is Chris. She was my roommate for 1 year at Dordt. We share something in common - we are both twins! I am identical though, and she is fraternal, but we're still twins! Her twin was my roommate also, but Jen couldn't make it. Chris also lives in Michigan, so I see her more often, which is wonderful!! Chris is a PE teacher and has 2 gorgeous daughters. She is someone I can go to no matter what, and is always a strong prayer warrior for me. I am so thankful for her friendship and our history! Love her tons!
Here's some of the Norwegian decor in the house....

There are 5 beds in the house, all built-in. They all have their own little lights for late-night reading, and they are unbelievably comfortable! It was wonderful!
I will cherish this weekend forever! And I'm so thankful for my amazing husband who was home with our kids while I was away. I am so blessed!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

**Easter ** Twenty-Ten **

Easter was wonderful. It was a beautiful day.

We started with a sunrise service, then breakfast at church, a beautiful church service, then off to dinner at my sister's with my whole family. Came home and got a short nap, then off to Grandma's house with the whole extended Ebels family. It was a grand day, celebrating our Risen Lord.

He Lives!!!

Here's some pictures from Easter 2010:

Cam's cute hand, coloring Easter Eggs :)
He loved it this year!
Emmitt was really into this year too - Daddy had to help a little bit though :)
Our new idea - so easy for kids! Put your egg in a whisk to dip it! Mess free!
Meanwhile.....I made monster cookies - mmmmm!

Cam coloring his egg before dipping it :)

Olivia patiently waiting for her eggs to turn color :)

Daddy helping Emmitt :)

Emmitt's cross egg :)
The real reason we celebrate Easter! HE HAS RISEN!

Cam writes his name so good! Proud of you buddy :)

Eatin pizza while we color!

My beautiful kiddos in their Easter attire :)

Thank you Jesus for the redemption of our sins!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am so unbelievably excited about my weekend coming up that I can hardly stand it.

Tomorrow evening, I am meeting 3 of my college roommates at at cozy little cottage (it's actually called a Stabbur because it's completely built and decorated in a Norwegian style with built-in beds and everything), where we will be staying until Sunday.

We've been planning this for several months now. AHHHHHHHHH!

The anticipation is too much!!!!!!

I lived with 5 other girls in one apartment at Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA. We all graduated in 1997. All 6 of us have kept in touch over the years and usually see eachother once a year. They are my most cherished and bestest friends. Two of our roommates were not able to make it this time, so it will just be 4 of us, but we plan on havin a grand 'ol time!!! We have some amazing memories and have been through a lot together.

I promise I will take lots of pictures - just wait till you see this house. It's A-mazing.

Here's some pics of my roomies and I.

This is Chris, and Tina - they are both coming!!

This is Jen, me, Chris and Rachel. Jen is not able to join us, but Rachel will be coming. YAY!
We are basically planning to lay around all weekend in our pj's and catch up and reminisce of course!
We will have no kids to feed, no laundry to do, no dishes to clean, no kids to dress. AHHHH! It will be a much needed break for all of us.
Cannot wait.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Recipes

Easy Toffee Bars

I got this recipe from my wonderful Mother-in-law.

Wanted to share it with y'all.

These are delectable and so easy to make.

Here's what you'll need:

1 cup butter
Saltine crackers (about a package and 1/2)
1 cup brown sugar
1 pkg. milk chocolate chips

And here's how to make them.....

Heat oven to 400*

Line a jelly roll pan with tinfoil and grease the foil with cooking spray.

Cover the entire pan with saltine crackers one layer deep, like this:
Then boil together butter and brown sugar until it's thick, like this:

Pour this mixture over the saltines, like this:

Bake at 400 for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and quickly sprinkle with chocolate chips, like this:
Allow chips to melt, approximately 5-7 minutes. Then spread them out evenly with a knife, like this:
Cool in your fridge and break into bar pieces. Store in fridge.
Mmmmm! My family loves these! I hope you do too!