"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carolina Memories - October 2008

Okay - so I know this is a lot of pictures....
but choosing from over 550 is really hard!

We were recently gone to Holden Beach, North Carolina
for a weeks stay in my Aunts Beach House
right on the ocean. What a wonderful time!
Life can't get any better. When you go to a place like that,
you wonder how people can say a God doesn't
exist.... His handiwork is very evident.....it was just
remarkable. We thanked Him every day for being able
to experience that.

We were priveleged to go with our very close friends.
Holly and Casey and their 2 girls Adri and Ally,
and Rachel and Ryan and their 4 kids; Ethan, Brady, Dylon and Isabella. We just had so much fun. Great memories
were made, and Lord willing we'll be there again
sooner than later.

Our adventure begins......

Here's Aunt Holly running around the
gas station to get the kids tired....
we had an 18 hour drive ahead of us!

The kids did great though.

Here's Ally, Olivia and Cam seeing
the ocean for the first time - what an
experience! They couldn't run there fast enough!

They just jumped right in w/ their clothes on!!

Here's the beautiful home we stayed in.
Thanks Aunt Karen! We absolutely loved it!

Wave jumping was a favorite.

Casey was pretending to be a big buck
for Cam to shoot w/ his bow :)

My parents had stayed the week before us,
so we got to see them for a while before
they left.

My darling little Emmitt was a vacuum on the
beach :) He really wanted all those pretty
shells in his mouth!

Pretty Olivia

Cam and Dylon got along great!

They were having fun coloring here.

Here's the 4 boys in the tub...and Emmitt
really wishing he was in there too!

Here's Eric throwing the net to catch
the small minnows in the surf.

Got some!

Holly and her
2 beautiful daughters.

Olivia holding up a minnow Daddy caught.

This is precious Isabella (4 mo.) What
a peanut. Me and Hol had fun squeezing her
all week. She's such a doll - and such a good

Here's the famous butt-crack. I couldn't
resist these pictures....priceless. You can see
that Cameron has quite the imagination....
he's in his own little world.

Ally & Olivia walking the beach.

Olivia boogie-boarding.....what fun!

Little Em

Who are these 2 hot guys going for a run?? :)

Me & Hol posing by the pool.

Here's Rae, Hol and me trying our hand
at boogie-boarding.....it was a total riot!

Family pics...

Look at that smile - so precious!

It's not easy getting 3 kids to look at the
camera at the same time.....this was one of
about 10!

Mommy and her boys.

Emmitt trying to get away from Daddy:)

We got to visit the North Carolina Aquarium
for a day - the kids loved it.

Goofy Casey.

Cameron touching a horseshoe crab.

Olivia touching a sea anemone.

All the kiddos.

Me and the hubby.

My BFF's =)

Ethan found a crab on the beach....
all the kids loved that!

Adri walking Emmitt - she was
so good w/ the little ones!

Sweet sweet Dylon.

Cam and Dylon jumping on the bed :)
Little stinkers.

Cameron giving Ryan a good-bye hug :(

Here's some random pictures
in black and white.

Running to the ocean for the first time!

Beautiful Adri

Precious little Em

Ryan and the boys wave jumping

Olivia waiting to jump a wave.

These were my favorite pictures....

especially this one.


Rosencrans Family said...

Such beautiful pictures, Sal! What an amazing time to share with friends!

Kasey Hunt said...

Do you think you can squeeze me in your luggage next time you go??? What a beautiful place.

Mami Sue said...

oh such amazing pictures and even more amazing memories!!

glad you're back though :)

The Nikkel's said...

Beautiful pictures Sal! It looks like you guys had a blast!

memoriesmama said...

Looks like you had an amazing time. I must also say that you definitely don't have dial-up! I let the computer sit for over a 1/2 hour and still not all the photos were load, but what I saw looked great!