"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Church Campout - flooded but fun!

Did you know that sometimes campsites
come with their own private lake??

Ours did this year.

Every July, a big group from our church
goes camping at Lake Mitchell in Cadillac.

We have a total ball.

This year it decided to rain buckets and buckets.

But despite all the water, we still had fun.

Here's some pictures from our week.

Here's Cam and Keith trying to catch
a fish :}

The kids had great fun playing in
the water :}

Whenever our Cameron is playing
outside, if he feels the urge, down
come the pants and he's goin!

So it doesn't really matter
where he is outside when he
drops his drawers :}

This picture is when we were camping,
but he recently did this a couple weeks
ago in front of 500 people at our annual
4th of July gathering - oops!

Liv tryin out fishin.

Cam couldn't keep his swimsuit up
at all! I hope nobody minded??

Daddy & Emmitt

Here's a little taste of what we cook
over our fire every year! We eat like kings!

Cam getting buried in the sand.

A three-headed mermaid!

Cam had fun fishing too. He
caught quite a few blue-gills.

Kitties and playing outside~

Anyone want a free kitty???!!
They're really cute!

The boys have been loving playing

Look at that innocent face :>

Emmitt loves crawling on Daddy :}

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hartwick Pines

We got to visit Hartwick Pines a few
weeks ago with my family. It was
great. What a beautiful place.
The trees there are really something
to see - just unbelievable. We had
a fun time.

Grandpa, Grandma and the tribe!

Uncle Drew hangin out with the girls.

We got the kids to pose for
some pictures.

Drew & Melissa - so cute :>

Eric and Cam checking out a fallen tree.

Olivia had to try out "washing
clothes the old fashioned way" :>

*** 4th of July ***

I know the 4th was several weeks
ago, but we've been gone camping
and so busy that I never got around
to posting pictures until now.

We had a great holiday. It is always
a busy day, but one full of fun and
family traditions.

We watch the parade in the morning,
(which Eric and Olivia were in this
year... my dad pulled a float to promote
his heating business and Liv got to
sit on the trailer and throw candy:>)
then we have a family reunion at noon
which is always fun.

Later on in the day, we go down to the
dam and have a special program and
watch fireworks. It's a great day always
filled with fun times and memories.

Emmitt in his little festive outfit :>

Cam & Mabel were waiting for the parade
to start. They loved it!

Here's Olivia on the float throwing

We love sparklers!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A beautiful, beautiful wedding~

I am finally getting around to posting
some pictures from my brother Matt's
wedding on Saturday, June 28. It was
such a gorgeous day. The wedding was
so nice.

We had a wonderful time, and are so happy
to welcome Tawnya and her 2 kids, Caleb
& Keagan, into our family. Here's some
pictures from the day.

Here's the beautiful bride
and their new family

My Aunt from California was able to
be here, so that was special. That's her
in the yellow, and my uncle Ron, and my
Grandma Zinger and my mom.
After breaking her hip a month or so ago,
Grandma was so glad to be able to be there.

It's always hard to get kids to smile at
the same time. We weren't very successful
with these 3 boys, but we tried??! Emmitt
has it down :>

Cam had to give Keagan a good luck hug
before she walked down the aisle :>

One big happy fam!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baas Family Camping Trip!

This past week we went to Dorr, MI for our
annual Baas family camping trip.

We had a super good time!

The only bad thing about the trip was the
mosquitos! They were just so awful -
our poor children got really bit up. But
we had fun anyway.

Here's some fun pictures from our week
in the outdoors :>

Here's all the Baas grandkids. We're getting
to be quite the crew. Lindsey, Matthew,
Zachary, Olivia, Chloe, Isaac, Cameron, Lucas,
Henry and Emmitt.

They had a kiddy-pool there that was
so perfect! The boys loved it.

Chloe and Cam hangin out :>

Emmitt loved the water!

Eric, Jerry and Al all walked out of
their campers one morning with orange
shirts on.... photo op!!! (Us girls think
they planned it :)

Lindsey is such a sweet big cousin
to Olivia! They have so much fun
together. Aren't they beautiful??

These 3 boys are somethin else!
I think we're in trouble :]

They're pretty stinkin cute though!!