"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A New Sister~

On Saturday, June 28, I will officially
have a new sister!

My brother Matt and his fiance Tawnya
will be getting married that day, and we
are sooooooo super excited! She is one
awesome girl!

Please pray for Matt and Tawn
these last few days before the wedding,
and for their future together!
We thank God for them!

We love nature!

Here's some of the pictures I
promised from our little nature
walk down by the dam.

This one is my favorite :>

One Amazing Lady!

This is my Grandma Zinger~

She just turned 87 years old on Tuesday!
She recently fell and broke her hip, so she's
in a nursing home getting therapy until she's
well enough to come home.

We went and had a birthday party for her
and got some cute pictures.

I love my gramma so much. She is such
a strong woman of faith. She's so independent
and doing very well for a woman her age!

She loves her little grandkids
dearly. Pray for Grandma to
heal quickly so we can have her
home again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Father not forgotten.....

After I posted my Father's Day entry yesterday, I realized I never mentioned anything about Eric's Dad.

Talk about legacy......

Eric and I were in college in Iowa when we got the call that he had passed away. It was January 18, 1997. I will never forget that day. We had just gotten engaged a few months prior, and were close to graduating from college and getting married. It was very sudden and unexpected, and was a terrible time for our whole family.

Darryl was an amazing Christian man. He truly lived his life for the Lord, and dedicated himself to being a true servant in the kingdom. He never passed on a chance to witness or to help a fellow man.

He left a legacy to be remembered.....for sure.

I can see glimpses of him in Eric, and I just thank him that he was such a good dad and that he left Eric a legacy to live by. We miss him dearly.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Legacy of a Good Man~

"Follow my example, as I follow
the example of Christ." 1 Corinthians 11:1

I am most fortunate to have a husband
who is a teriffic dad to our kids - and
to have a wonderful father myself.

God has truly blessed Eric with the
gift of fatherhood. Every night when he
comes home from work, he's lookin for
the kids immediately. He's so patient
with them, and is so involved. I call him
a "get down on the floor and play dad",
because that's exactly what he does.

He's leaving his legacy.

I am blessed to have him, truly blessed.

It's so hard to get all 3 kids looking at the
camera at the same time, let alone smiling
at the same time! Here's the best we could do!
(Olivia's sick of it)

Our Father's day was great. It was a
beautiful sunny day, so the kids swam,
we went for a walk and snapped some
pictures down by the dam (I'll post
those later...), and we had
my family over for dinner.

We also purchased a new lawn
mower recently, so this was
Eric's Father's Day gift :}

This is my Dad, my rock. I just have
a heart full of love for him.

One of my dearest memories of my Dad
is when I moved back home after college.
I had to leave for work early, and every
morning when I came down the stairs to
go, there he was, sitting in his chair
by the fireplace in his bathrobe reading
his Bible.

I never thought anything of it then.... that
was just my Dad. But looking back now - what an
example. He has always been a book of knowledge,
with great advice.

But most importantly - he loves His Lord.

Truly loves Him.

I can't think of a better example for your kids
than that. He's leaving us his legacy.

We got to snap a few pictures at our
Father's Day dinner at my house.
These are my 2 little "big" brothers :>
(Sis Sue was camping)

Us kids got him a bug zapper!
He loved it!

OK - here's a funny (actually it's not really funny)
My mom got this recipe for a fruit pizza dessert
that she's been wanting to make really bad. So
she offered to bring it for Sunday dinner on
Father's Day.
My Dad was taking a walk down by the dam, so when
it was time to go, she put the dessert in the back
seat of his truck and drove down to the dam to
pick him up. She got there and waited, and before
she could say anything, my dad opened the back door of the
truck and let their dog, Rastis, in. You can about
guess what happened next.....

Here's a picture of her beautiful fruit pizza that
the dog ruined!

What a bummer!

She said "you might as well laugh
about it, right?!"

I thank God for Eric and my Dad,
and the examples they are to my kids
and me.

I hope I can leave that kind of legacy to my
kids too.

Stormy Weather~

We've had some pretty severe weather here
the past few weeks. We are lucky - where
we live we don't have to worry much about
natural distasters. But the past few weeks,
we've had quite a few tornado warnings,
high winds and severe thunder storms.
Lots of people have gotten hit by lightning.
I snapped a few pictures the other night of
a storm coming through. Sometimes it's
crazy because the sun is shining, and we're
getting rain/hail, etc. at the same time?!

Believe it or not, these 2 pictures
were taken at the exact same time,
just different parts of the sky.

Eric is a fireman, so when
his monitor goes off that there
is a tornado warning out, he gets
out his binoculars and watches for
funnel clouds.

So guess who has to imitate Daddy??

Here's Cam checkin out the sky too :>

So lots of thunderstorms brings
lots and lots of rain! We've been
blessed with more than enough rain
the past 2 weeks.

We took a walk down to our dam yesterday
to check out the falls and see how high the water
had risen. We'd been hearing it was quite high.
And it was! Probably hard to tell on the
pictures just how high it was.

This is a picture standing above the falls.

This is of the spillway back behind the
falls. When the river runs over, it goes
onto this cement spillway and down
into the river under the falls. I think I've only
ever seen it once like this in my lifetime.
It was well over our ankles.

Usually the water is well below
these tree stumps.

Here's Eric, Olivia
and Cam checking out
the falls. Pretty amazing!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunshine, Swingin, & Spit-up!

The kids are thoroughly enjoying
the pool!

And little Em LOVES to swing!

Olivia got caught here.... she was playing
with Emmitt and got spit-up on!
She didn't like that I made her
wait to clean it up so that I could get
a picture :} Too funny !