"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Friday, March 28, 2008

A very special Grandma~

Grandparents are a very important part
of our lives. We have been blessed
to have Grandma Baas (Eric's Dad's mom)
in our life for so many years. This past
Wednesday night, her Savior called her to her
eternal home at the age of 88. We will
miss her deeply, but we know she was ready
to go "home" and meet her Savior and see her
husband and son again. She was a very
caring and loving grandmother and our
hearts are full of gratitude for all she
taught us about the Lord and loving Him.

These pictures were taken at Christmas
on one of our visits to her assisted
living home. She loved the kids so much.
We will miss her dearly.

A forever tradition...

Doing Easter Eggs is a very special
tradition that me and my sister Sue
have done since Maddie and Liv were
little. My aunt Sharon, who passed away
several years ago, was a very special aunt
to me and Sue, and every Easter, we would
do eggs with her. We think of her every year
at Easter time, and how much fun we had.
We keep this tradition alive for her, and because
we have so much fun doing it! Oh, the kids do
too :}

Here's Olivia concentrating very hard
on dipping half of her egg. It's kind
of tricky!

Here she is coloring one. They
look so cool that way!

Cam is so excited about this he
can hardly stand it! He's spazzin
out here!! :}

Cam tried to dip half too. Good thing
we put paper down on the table!

Here's the gang around the table. Cam is

patiently waiting for his egg to color.
So fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Outfits

It's always fun buying new spring outfits
for Easter Sunday. Here's a couple pictures
of the kids in their new digs. Olivia's starting
to have a hard time holding Emmitt - he's
getting heavier! I think this outfit I bought
him will probably not be worn again! Sometimes
they grow faster than you think! I should have
gotten the next size up!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The cross

We wanted to wish everyone a very happy
Easter. We love this time of year.... a time
for a new season, and a reminder of what
Christ gave up for the redemption of our sins.
What abundant love He has for us. Rejoice
in Christ this Easter season, and the fact that
we are forever free from all our sins!
Romans 5:21 - "...so that, just as sin reigned in death,
so also grace might reign through righteousness to
bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Pets~

Here's the other two members of our family.
Libby is our Golden Retriever that we've had
for over 10 years now. Me & Eric got her when
we were married for 1 month. She was only
6 weeks old. She is such a wonderful, loyal dog.
The kids love her and she's so good with them.
It will be a very sad day here when she's no longer
with us.

And Lucy is our fluffy kitty who we got
about 6 months ago. She's quite something.
She has a bobbed tail, and what looks like a
mane around her neck. :} She loves Libby, and
they love to play together. I had to snap these
pictures of them laying on the porch together.
Thought it was so cute.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Boys~

So, I think having little boys is
just a blast. Cameron is really
something lately - he's at that age
where everything he does or says
is hilarious. He loves all the typical boy
stuff, and in His prayers each
night he always thanks God for his
trucks, guns, cars and animals. It's so cute.
He can put his boots on by himself now too,
and thinks that is great - so he usually ends
up wearing them all day - even in his pj's, as
you can see in the picture below :}

Cam also loves tatoos! Eric
came home the other day with
one for him... isn't exactly what
I would have picked, but he got it
out of a machine, so what do you say?
Anyway, Cam loved it b/c it was a snake!
Here he is showing it off.

And here's our little Emmitt.
We got the exer-saucer down
the other day and put him in it.
I can't believe he's big enough to
use it already! It was so cute though,
so we had to snap a few pictures.
He loves sitting in it and chewing on
his fists:}