"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it."

Isaiah 30:21

Friday, February 29, 2008

Yum, Cereal!!!

Well, I figured since Emmitt's is almost
4 months old, and my other 2 kids were
eating cereal by this time, that we better
get on the ball and feed him some. It's
always great to see their expressions when
they try something new. At first he wasn't
sure about it, but ended up loving it, and
eating quite a bit!

Hmmm, I don't know about this Mom?

Oohh, that is some gross stuff!

Um, maybe it's not that bad??

Yeah, I think I like this stuff!!

Big sister had to help feed him too :}
Cam had to sit on the table and watch,
and after he finished eating his box of
Nerds, he had to try a bite of cereal too!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!!!!!!

What a weekend! It all started Friday night
when 6 little girls got off the bus here for a party!
We did gifts, played games, and ate supper. They
had so much fun. Olivia's so blessed to have
such good friends. Here's some pictures from
that party.....

Madelyn, Olivia, Maddie, Sophia,
Desiree, Ellie & Grace - goofy girls!

Supper time!

Oh boy are we in trouble!
Like 8 yrs. old going on 16!!!

Cam loves to help mommy in the kitchen-
sometimes too much :} He had to help
me mix up Olivia's cake batter. Then he
wanted to lick the beaters!!

He enjoyed the cupcakes too!

Here's Olivia opening her gift from us...
an American Girl Doll. She was so
surprised! Her name is Mia, and Olivia
hasn't put her down yet!

How cute!

Here's the cake Olivia and I
made together. It turned out really
cute. We had fun doing it. It was
delicious too!

Eric and I sent balloons and a
purple monkey to school today
for her birthday - she thought
that was pretty cool.
So it was a great weekend of
celebrating. We're so thankful
for the 8 years we've had with our
beautiful daughter.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Three cute pictures...

Well, we got our computer back and he didn't
really find anything wrong with it. I tried to
upload some pictures last night, and it wouldn't
work yet. But this morning it did! I don't know if
it's a freak thing, or what, but hopefully they
work from now on..... anyway, we are doing good!
This weekend will be busy with Olivia's birthday
parties! She's so excited!! I can't believe she is
going to be 8 years old. It seems like yesterday
that she was born, my little 6 pounder with gobs
of black hair and a smile that would melt you.
Time does truly fly. Eric & I were saying the other
day how proud we were of her, and how mature she
is in her faith. We couldn't ask for more. Olivia
is such a big help to me with Emmitt & Cam, and around
the house. She loves to cook and bake, and is
so proud that she can cook eggs all by herself now.
Here she is doing just that :}

I thought this picture was just hilarious!
Cam, like his father, loves cereal. He'd
eat it all day if I'd let him. Eric and him
usually share a bowl at bedtime - tradition
around here :} Anyway, I caught him in the
chair eating this cereal right out of the box.
Had to share it!!

Here's our baby..... not for
long though the way he's growing.
He's doing so well. Sleeping so
good! He is such a happy and
content little guy, and it's so easy to get a
smile out of him. I'm so excited because
after having 2 very Baas kids, finally I have
a blue-eyed kid that looks like me. This
picture actually looks exactly like one of
me when I was a baby. So cool!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well, our computer is going in today to be "cleaned out." I still can't upload any pictures, and we were having other problems too, so it's time to get it checked. I hope it's nothing huge. And hopefully the problem gets fixed so we can share pictures again! Otherwise we are all fine - healthy (knock-on-wood). Olivia's all excited about this weekend. We have 6 girls coming over for a birthday party on Friday, then a family party on Sunday. Her actual birthday is on Monday, so it will be a weekend of celebrating! Can't believe she's gonna be 8! Hopefully I can share pictures of it all after our computer gets fixed. Stay warm!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Life at the Baas'

Well, we're staying pretty busy at our home.
Here's some pictures of what's been going on
over here......

Emmitt is almost 3 mo. old already.
He got this cute "Kisses" outfit
from his Aunt Tawnya. Isn't that
the cutest smile ever???!! :} Last night
he slept from 11:00 to 7:45!! Big Boy
Emmitt!! Mommy is loving this!!

After 10 years of me being the
sole "dish-washer" in our house,
we finally were able to purchase
a real dishwasher. Cam had to
be on the floor with Daddy the
whole time :} He's such a big helper!

Cam graduated to a "big bed"
last month and is loving it!
As you can see, it's a bunk bed,
so eventually him and Emmitt
will be sharing it. He was pretty
excited, and mommy had some tears -
her little Cam is growing up :{

Here's some of Olivia's friends from
school. They are all in a book club together
and were all over last week for a session.
We have a cool little cubby/storage area
that the kids love to play in.... here's a
picture of them in it. They thought it
was so cool!


Hello - Well, I got my first week of work under my belt. It really couldn't have gone better. I had quite a few tears Monday morning. I was doing fine until Eric came and gave me a big hug, then I lost it. But Emmitt did so well at daycare, and once I got to work, I felt better. I am thankful for all the prayers - I really felt them. So it's back to the routine again. Kind of feels good in a way. I loved being home full time, but this is good too. I was just thinking about Valentines Day next week. How it's a day about love, not just for spouses, but for our kids and family and friends too. I am so filled with love for each one of them. When I think of the word love though, I can't help but be reminded of John 3:16, how God loved us so much, he gave his only Son for our sins. I just can't imagine doing that. What Love! I am so humbled, and so thankful. Lord, help me to love the way You do - unconditional! Have a love-filled Valentines Day!!